Joe Cullen - Bard of Dalston - is a Scouse-born poet and writer who has been residing in Dalston for the past twenty-odd years. The BoD served an apprenticeship on the mean streets of Toxteth and Kirkby before moving to London, via Dundee. A sociologist in previous incarnations, as well as singer-songwriter in a jazz-funk band, the BoD has learned and worked with poets and writers at Birkbeck, University of London, and City Lit.

He was nominated for the Forward Prize 2010/11 in the 'best single poem' category for Listing Dangerously.

Published poetry

'Turbo-Charged Mobility Vehicle’ published in The Delinquent, Issue 20

'Supermario Christmas’ published in The Delinquent, Issue 20'

'Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ published in Decanto Magazine, August Issue'

'Ill Wind’ published in Other Poetry, series 4, Issue 8, 2011

'True Love' published in Other Poetry, Issue 5, 2012

'The Night a Legend Died’ published in South Bank Poetry, June 2013

'Cat v Human’ published in Decanto magazine, May 2013 issue' 'Via Dolorosa' published in Long Poem magazine, May 2013 issue

'Los tres toreros descabezados' published in South Bank Poetry magazine, March 2013 issue '

Miracle', 'Night Shift' and 'September' published in 'The North', Issue 50

'Camel' and 'Road to Anjarak' published in Stand magazine, 2014

'The Unberable Smugness of the Draughtsman' published in South, Issue 49, 2014

'John Turner' published in

'Ace Hotel' published in The Projectionist's Playground, Issue 4, 2017

'Cri de Coeur - a semaphore poem' published in Ink, Sweat and Tears, 2018

 'On Clapton Pond', published in Lighten Up Online, Issue 45, 2019

'Matthew 26:34' published in The Projectionist's Playground, Issue 9, 2019

'The London Riots, 2011' published in South Bank Poetry, Issue 18

'Chitterlings',  and 'Nirvana', published in Snakesin, 2020


Torriano, London

RADA, London

Salisbury Arts Centre, London

Barbican Arts Centre

Poetry Café, London

Crystal Palace festival, London


‘Poetry Kit’ award, 2012

‘Poetry Pulse’, 2012

‘Rhyme & Reason’, 2012

‘Sportswriters Awards’, 2012

'Four Counties', 2015.


Joe Cullen's 'faction' - Coming Unstuck - a year in the life of a failed funk band - was published by Austin Macauley in December 2023