Photo by John Williams (2009)


























The Last Supper

When they came to the table
and asked what he wanted for dinner
he was hypnotised by indecision
reverie sucked him down
into the Mississippi

recalled the girl
pressing under-ripe flesh
against the coarse topography
of work clothes
in the queue at the diner

bought her a burger
took her back to the trailer
sat her down on a camp bed
covered by a Yankees eiderdown
watched the Simpsons
when she asked to use the bathroom
waited in shadows

surprised her as she dried
magenta-tipped fingers
and when it was done
he stopped her snuffles
with a pillow.

When they came again and asked
what hed like for dinner
he told the Governor
he wanted
a home-caught lobster
pan-fried with a side of French fries
and a bowl of m & ms.